Sunday, January 4, 2009


Today we went to check out Frédéric's school, to be sure he knew how to get there from the house, and see how long it would take. His classes start tomorrow morning.

Then we went on to Montpellier, where I did my junior year in France program. 
This is Montpellier's Arc de Triomphe, not far from where I lived there.

This is where I lived that year.

My apartment was the one at the top, with the small window. My roommate Lara and I used to have a pink basket that hung from our shutters down to Brienne and Kerry's apartment below. It was very useful for passing things back and forth and getting each other's attention without bothering to use the stairs, but sadly, it's no longer there.

This is the Eglise Sainte Anne, at the end of the street we lived on.

Before heading back home, we stopped at the beach at Carnon to show Benjamin (and Noah, but I suspect he won't remember) the seaside.

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anitamangue1 said...

Très jolie ville , belles bâtisses , je ne connaissais pas , il paraît que l'on fait du bon vin.