Thursday, January 8, 2009

So about that snow...

This is how much we ended up getting:

(about an inch)

It did stick, but not to the roads, and it had mostly melted by today. I hear they ended up with 7 inches in Marseille, something that hasn't been seen since the late '80s! We are under a winter weather advisory tonight, but I am hoping it will be a false alarm.

While I work, Benjamin plays with his toys or watches one of the four DVDs we have that will work on a French DVD player (Charlie & the Chocolate Factory has been his preference for the past few days):

And Noah tries to pull up on anything and everything he can. He started trying to go up the stairs the other day - a whole new world for us since Benjamin didn't do that until 14 months. The landlord did loan us a baby gate but Frederic will need to borrow pliers or something too to install it.

Noah has bronchitis so we didn't get to see our friends in Marseille last weekend, but we hope he will be better by this weekend so we can go.


Ryan said...

Charlie and the Chocolate Factory? The one with Johnny Depp in it?

anitamangue1 said...

Bonjour mes enfants ,
Un petit coucou du mercredi , ici toujours aussi froid , je vois que chez vous est de même. Toute mes félicitations pour ses superbes photos de votre nouvelle demeure , la ville es très jolie. Les enfants grandissent chaque jour ils sont adorables.
Je vous embrasse...à bientôt