Thursday, January 15, 2009

Sunrise, Sunset

This is what time we left to go to church in Marseille on Sunday.

This is what time we drove home.

It's hard to get very good pictures from a moving vehicle, but we saw some windmills on the way.

It was nice to see old friends, some of whom didn't realize we were coming, or staying in the area so long. It's about an hour and forty minute drive from here to there, so we plan to attend church there while we are here.

Benjamin's been on a nap strike all week. I've started telling him he can read in his bed, but he has to stay in his bed until I come get him. He's doing ok with that (not always ok noise-wise, but at least he stays in bed). He stays in bed in the morning until one of us tells him he can get up, too. I guess that makes up for his waking up too early.

He likes to read Green Eggs and Ham by himself now (from memory, he's not reading, of course), so when he's in his bed, you can hear him saying, "Sam I am! That Sam I am! I do not like them in a house!"

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anitamangue1 said...

Ho ! La!La ! on dirait toi Fréderic !
Toujours dans la lecture mon poussin! tu vas savoir lire avant de connaître les bancs de l'école ! Ta chambre est immense! la toiture et bien haute , un peu pâle les couleurs mais! bon c'est du temporaire.
Grand-mère te fais de très gros bisous...à bientôt mon petit.