Wednesday, January 7, 2009

This was NOT part of the deal!

I didn't agree to come south for the winter for THIS!

Yeah, it's just a little bit of snow, but it's sticking, and it's still falling, and it's cold! And while we find the loft of our rental attractive, the double-tall ceiling makes it quite hard to heat the house. And I think the person who sold the owners their firewood conned them; it's not dry enough to burn properly yet. I heard from a friend in Marseille (2 hours east of us) that they have 4 inches of snow already and it is still coming down.

I'm going to have to rethink our retirement plans for St Louis. I'm not sure I want to live somewhere there is snow ever again. Any suggestions for a nice, temperate climate? 65-80° year round sounds good to me!


Ryan said...

It's interesting to note that if, in Google Maps, you go to the center of Montpellier and then head due west (keeping the same latitude) till you hit America, you end up...



Of course, that's nothing; if you head due west from Puiseux-en-Retz, you end up in the frozen wastes of Canada. :)

Claire said...

Last Friday, Jan 2, I was enjoying 79 degrees with sunshine in my backyard...gardening like it was
spring (almost). This morning, 37 degrees at 6 a.m......74 at 3p.m.
Pretty nice! Georgetown is a pretty great place! We even have an airport!