Friday, March 27, 2009

First Word!

We have speech! Noah said his first recognizable word today - he repeated "cup" after I said it at lunchtime.

Benjamin clearly thinks this is the start of great things... our conversation went like this at lunch:

Me: Here's your cup.
Noah: Cuh!
Me: Did you say cup?
Noah: Cuh!
Me: Wow, good job, Noah! Cup!
Noah: Cuh! Cuh! (clapping)
Benjamin: Yogurt, Noah. Say yogurt! Yay Noah, you said yogurt!

(and a little later)
Benjamin: Noah, say chocolate pudding! Good job, Noah! Chocolate pudding!

Well... he can't quite say "yogurt" or "chocolate pudding" yet. Maybe next week.


Trevor and Kayla Keele said...

Some people don't understand how I can work with lots of really small children all day - and then they have moments like that (that post cracked me up) - and I say, "That's how!"

Jesse said...

Super cute!

Top-of-the-Arch said...

Thanks for sharing - it is such a treasure to hear your child's first word. I wonder if Noah will say "Toasted Ravioli" or "Croissant" next :)
We have a little bit of snow today in St. Louis and about 40.
Have a good week.