Sunday, March 8, 2009

Happy Birthday, Noah!

Noah turned a year old today. I have no idea where the time has gone. This was a year ago (tomorrow, as the camera didn't make it to the hospital for his first day):

And today:

Frédéric made Noah's birthday cake yesterday, before and after our outing to Subway for lunch and then Ikea. Today we had lunch with Max & Prisca Dauner in Marseille, so they were forced to join in our festivities. (We didn't actually have to force very much, especially after they tasted Frédéric's cake, made with a recipe from my great-grandmother.)

After much explaining to Benjamin that the presents were only for Noah today, he finally seemed to understand and be ok with just opening Noah's presents for him. And then playing with them for him.

Noah was a bit fussy all afternoon since he doesn't really get a good nap on Sundays, but was happy with his presents and loooooved his cake and ice cream.


Claire said...

Happy Birthday to Noah! Give him hugs for us. It has been a fast year for us, too! Bravo, Frederic! I don't even try to make cakes anymore because I stink at it! Love you all!!!!

Anonymous said...

Happy Birthday Noah! yeah!

Top-of-the-Arch said...

To Noah, a very Happy 1st Birthday and may your life be filled with many, many years of love, happiness, good health, and God's blessings.
TOTA from St. Louis

Dan, Kellie & Kiddos said...

Wow, 1 year already! Happy Birthday Noah!

anitamangue1 said...

Comme il a changer Noah !! superbe les photos.