Thursday, March 26, 2009

Last of the southern photos, last of the sunshine

Did I mention how attached they are to their bulls here? Signs like these are common in towns in this area. Sadly, we never did get to see a "bull demonstration" during our stay. We'll have to come back sometime during tourist season.

The boys and I have been soaking up as much sunshine as we can while Frédéric is in class. The French weather station is predicting rain for Saturday, so I guess we will have the drive to reacclimate us to our dreary gray weather.

Frédéric's test is tomorrow - it lasts 7 hours, without a break. Then Saturday we drive back home, stopping in Lyon for lunch with the Hendrixes on our way. France goes on Daylight Saving Time this weekend, so I'm hoping that will help us in our quest to get the boys sleeping normally again. They've been waking earlier and earlier - Noah hit a new record with 5:30 this morning. Uggh. And he and Benjamin are not napping well, either. So I hope that losing an hour will at least get them closer to their former "normal" 8 am wake-up time, and that being in their own rooms with black-out shades will help them sleep better. I've got my fingers crossed!

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anitamangue1 said...

Coucou ! bonjour les enfants
Ca y es vous êtes rentrés à la maison , les enfants doivent être heureux de retrouver leurs petits nids, d' 'après les très belles photos!! ils ont bien changés et grandi , toujours aussi mignons et adorable. Alisa tu as du avoir beaucoup à faire en ménage ( maison fermée des mois ça craint) Courage Alisa !!
Et toi fréderic comment tu t'en es sorti avec ta formation ?
Je vous embrasse...à bientôt !!!