Saturday, March 21, 2009

Our last week in the south

We have really enjoyed it here, but are ready to go home after 3 months away. We had lunch today with friends in Montpellier. Benjamin liked looking at their turtles as long as he didn't have to get too close, and Noah was a ham, and did his best to make a liar out of Frederic who said Noah didn't like to eat anything other than baby food.

Here are a few pictures from today - this first one is one of the reasons I can't believe we didn't think to bring my dad's old camera. We would have had a much better zoom and gotten great pictures with it! We'll have to start remembering it when we travel. On the other hand, the car was so full on the way here, I'm not sure we could have fit an extra toothpick in, much less a camera + accessories. But still. This was the best I could do with the digital camera.

This is the bull statue in the middle of the traffic circle near our village here.

And the giant barbecue grill in the middle of the other traffic circle.

This is the train station of the town we are staying in. Train station? Or bus stop? We imagine the train probably only stops here in the summertime when there are more tourists around.

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Claire said...

Good luck to Frederic on his last tests....I'm glad you're ready to go home...I'm sure home misses you, too....even though they might not be offering as much sun there as you'd like!