Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Saturday's Outing: the Odysseum

Saturday, in between Frederic making Noah's birthday cake, we went to Montpellier. On the way, we saw flamingos in the Camargue (those little white dots in the picture).

We went to a place called the Odysseum which looks, Frédéric says, like Disneyland for adults. There are a lot of restaurants, movie theaters, and shops. There is also a planetarium and an aquarium.

The tramway has a stop here. The tramway was under construction when I lived in Montpellier 11+ years ago.

It's a pedestrian area.

This is where we had lunch.

These are Montpellier's rental bikes. Several cities in France have instituted this system now. There is a meter where you rent the bike and can then unlock it and use it around town. You can return it at any other bike parking area.

We have 2 1/2 weeks left here. I packed one suitcase already (winter clothes - we don't need them here anymore! - and things the boys have outgrown in the 2.5 months we have been here). I guess I am more ready to get home than I'm letting on!

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anitamangue1 said...

Un très joyeux anniversaire à mon petit bout de chou qui a beaucoup grandit. Merci ! pour toutes ses belles photos que j'ai pu voir .l'opération de Sandrine c'est bien passé , elle sort peut-être demain
Gros bisou à vous tous