Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Easter flowerpots

The Easter bunny came and left flowerpots at our house this year. I guess he couldn't find any baskets either. The French don't do plastic eggs and Easter egg hunts, nor did our grocery store carry white eggs for us to dye. So the boys missed out on that fun this year, but my mom is going to buy them some plastic eggs and things so we'll be more prepared for next year.

Benjamin got a couple of Play-doh eggs too but I suspect they may have been leftover at the store from last year or something - they were all alone on the shelf and the Play-doh is pretty unsquishable.

Still, they didn't know what they were missing this year so they were happy enough with flowerpots and chocolate. (Little do they know we'll be spiriting the flowerpots away for our own household use once they are empty. It's called multi-purposing.)

One fun thing about Easter in Europe is KinderEggs, though - chocolate eggs with a toy inside.

Noah was a little puzzled by Benjamin's Play-doh egg.

And a Hot Wheels car found its way into Benjamin's flowerpot, just for fun. One can never have too many Hot Wheels cars, I think.

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