Monday, May 11, 2009

Longpont and Corcy

With my friend who was visiting this weekend, we went to see the nearby village of Longpont with its 12th century abbey.

I don't usually post pictures of people other than our immediate family here, but Delphine gave me permission, so here is our friend with Benjamin in Longpont:

There is also a farm in Longpont, where they produce foie gras. We stopped over there to visit the chickens, guinea hens, turkey, horses, sheep and goat.

While we were out, we saw some signs for a flea market in the nearby village of Corcy. After the kids took a nap at home, we headed back out to take a look over there. It kept threatening to rain, but waited until we got home. This is Corcy's church:

And part of the flea market:

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