Saturday, May 2, 2009

May Day

May 1st is Labor Day in France. Frederic had the day off, which is hit-or-miss, as with any holiday for him.

On May 1st, people here traditionally offer each other lily of the valley. Our friends Eve & John who came to visit the day before brought us the requisite bouquet (called "un brin de muguet").

They also brought us a nice hanging petunia. We happen to already have a hook near the front door for hanging plants, so we put it up immediately... and Frederic has since been counting just how many times he can hit his head on it as he goes out to the car. For some reason I don't have the same problem.

May 1st is also significant in our village because it is our village's "brocante" - something between a flea market and a village-wide garage sale. We participated again this year, in an attempt to declutter our house. We made 40 euros, 15 of which we spent at another stand, and 8 of which paid for our spot. So that leaves 17 euros for 11 hours of work. I think it's best not to do the math on that one! But we did get rid of a few things, I've put a bit more on an internet classifieds website, and whatever is left over will go to France's version of Goodwill (Emmaüs). One way or another, we WILL be getting rid of the clutter!

Here are Benjamin and Noah enjoying the day... not sure why Benjamin has taken to eating his hands lately.

Noah was clearly fascinated by the whole thing.

Here is Frederic manning our stand.
We had great weather yesterday - sunny, warm, and a passing cloud every now and then so we didn't turn completely red from being outside all day. I'm not sure how we managed to get so lucky with the weather, since the week before it was rainy, gray and cold, and today it is rainy, gray and cold. But I'm not complaining! 

Frédéric's friend came to set up a stand also, and brought his son along. Benjamin enjoyed playing with him a little too much, he was pretty out of sorts from being overtired by early afternoon and we are still paying for it today!

May 1st is also my parents' anniversary. They celebrated 38 years this year. Happy Anniversary, Mom and Dad!

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Top-of-the-Arch said...

Happy Anniversary to your parents.
Sure enjoyed reading this post about May 1st in France. I am actually in NYC celebrating my Mom's 70th birthday on May 1st and will be staying here to be with her for Mother's Day. Have an enjoyable and safe summer. Regards, TOTA