Saturday, May 16, 2009

Taking Stock

Every self-respecting blogger needs to stop and take stock every now and then. So that is what I did today.

More specifically, I took stock of what I found under the couch while cleaning today. I suppose I'm fortunate than nothing can fall between the cushions, but the space under the angled couch more than makes up for that shortcoming. I also suppose I have neglected this chore for far too long.

Here's the bounty -- I feel like I could open a toystore now!

1 puzzle box (empty)
1 state of Ohio puzzle piece (and with several others found under a chair, only GA is missing now!)
3 cars
4 Tinkertoys
1 domino
3 blue monkeys
1 top of barrel of monkeys
1 globe
2 pieces of the farmhouse
1 farm door (different farmhouse)
5 Duplos, assorted colors
1 bottom of travel soap case
1 star-shaped block (yellow)
3 Meccano nuts & bolts
1 baby hairbrush (what can I say, I can't bear to brush Noah's curls)
1 stick (useful for pulling other items out from under the couch)
1 wooden train smokestack (blue)
1 KinderEgg rabbit
1 Ikea train car
1 Ikea train car (freight)
1 baby sock (only about 11 others missing now)
1 VHS tape
1 book
1 pink bag
1 battery (rechargeable)
1 snail teething ring (that's how we know we're in France)
2 wooden blocks
1 top of can that used to contain an elephant keychain
1 road barrier
1 cup
1 Elmo finger puppet
1 sheep
2 pieces of gate
1 giraffe puzzle piece
1 screwdriver
1 panther
1 colored pencil (green)

For a grand total of 53 items!

While I was engaged in such important and fascinating activites, Frederic and the boys were working outside.
Frederic worked on clearing out some of the flowerboxes in the retaining wall and planting new things in them.

This is a "yet-to-be-done" part, to give you an idea of what he was facing at the start. (Speaking of chores that have been neglected for far too long.)

Benjamin took great pleasure in washing Frederic's bicycle.

And Noah didn't really work, he just sat around looking cute.

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