Tuesday, June 9, 2009

The Sun'll Come Out Tomorrow

Or not. We were nice enough to order sunny weather for the first couple of days my parents were here but now we are back to our normal gray, rainy, cold-for-June weather. At least we haven't had to get the fire going again.

On one of these rainy days, Noah was introduced to the joys of playdoh for the first time.

Big brother Benjamin is already a pro; he can make snakes, sandwiches, cookies, dinosaurs, and other assorted items.

We saw on the forecast that it was not supposed to rain this morning so we jumped at the chance to get out of the house and took my parents over to Longpont, a nearby village with a Cistercian abbey - which I'm quite sure you've already seen pictures of on this blog, but here are a couple more anyway.

The clouds were blowing by so fast overhead that Benjamin thought the abbey was moving and was going to fall on him. He was not pleased to visit "the castle" today.

Noah didn't mind.

Benjamin did like all the fences around people's yards, though, and had to hold on to each one as we passed and peer inside - and then rub his hands together to get the dirt off.

He also liked the chickens we found in someone's yard in the village, but only from a distance.

This afternoon, my mom tried to go work in my yard three different times, and each time she went out, it started raining. We think she might actually be the reason it's raining so much.

And Frederic & my dad went out to the grocery store - we can call that a cultural experience, right? While there, they ran into the previous owner of our house, who told Frederic how sad she was to have left it (they moved to a smaller house not too far away since their kids were grown and gone). I don't think she is nearly as sad as she would be if she saw what we are doing to it!

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