Saturday, June 6, 2009

Visiting Americans

My parents arrived safely on Tuesday morning, and thankfully hadn't heard about the AF 447 tragedy before they got here. I feel like I shouldn't just zip over that event, but I am very disturbed by the catastrophe and would rather keep my blog light and family-happening-oriented, so I'm not going to mention it further. Our thoughts & prayers go out to the families touched by this disaster.

We put my parents promptly to work when they got here:

and I guess they got tired of it quickly, because on Thursday they flew out to Lyon. They claim they are coming back on Monday, though, and Benjamin already told me he's going to get Grandad to push him in the swing.

In other news, Benjamin tore up the dance floor last week at Frederic's cousin's first communion:

And Noah has been sick all week, making him an even more miserable baby than normal. (Whoops, did I type that out loud?)


Jordan said...

Kacey says that Noah should either eat more dirt, or stop eating dirt. Whichever one's making him sick.

Maggie said...

I'm glad your parents arrived safe and sound. I'm sure they are enjoying Benjamin and Noah :)