Sunday, August 16, 2009

two little bookworms

Noah is getting into books these days. I can't type how he pronounces "book" or you might imagine he's some kind of racist, but he does ask for them. He won't usually sit down and let me read to him, but he likes to read them by himself. He also likes to help us go through the weekly ads. He can even read upside down!

And we're working on transitioning him to a cup. He actually does pretty well already, having been practicing for months in the bathtub. (Yes, I know that's gross. But he doesn't, so it's ok.) I'm tired of sippy cups and he's chewed holes in all the spouts anyway, so it's time.

He is also finally gaining some confidence for walking, but still prefers someone to hold at least one of his hands, or he'll plop back down on his knees and race away.

Benjamin starts preschool in just over 2 weeks. He says he is going to sit and listen to the teacher, and learn his "Ah Bay Say" (ABCs, in French). We've been telling him that the teacher will be speaking to him in French and he will have to speak French at school. We've decided to only put him in for half days this year - a full day is 9-12, break for lunch, and 2-5. We think that's much too long at his age (4 in December), especially when there is so little sunlight in the winter. What a shame it would be to be 4 years old and only see the sun at lunchtime!

French school teachers and directors aren't too keen on the idea of half days, but the director said he couldn't force us to put him in all day - so he will go only in the morning this year and next year we'll re-evaluate, I guess.

I made 6 jars of homemade salsa this morning with tomatoes from our garden. I used 10 2/3 cups of tomatoes, and there is still a bowlful of tomatoes left over and more ripening every day. I need to freeze some zucchinis, too. We've got one ready to pick every couple of days now and even though we pick them before they are gigantic, each is still large enough to feed a family of four for a couple of days - especially when one member of that family is 3 years old and turns his nose up at all green foods. Time to start using the Deceptively Delicious cookbook.


Ryan said...

Heck, I'm 34 and I think it's a shame to only see the sun at lunchtime.

Top-of-the-Arch said...

It is wonderful that Benjamin and Noah enjoy reading at early age. Growing up in Viet Nam, my parents made sure we had plenty of "books", magazines and newspapers to read. Well, I won't type what Noah says here either but NO ONE would think that he is racist - you should hear what I said when I first learned how to say things - haa haa
We had a good rain (thunderstorm) on Monday but it is sort of comfortable today. The weekend should be nice. Have a good week. TOTA