Tuesday, September 8, 2009

the happiest place on earth... but not on Saturdays.

We went to a very crowded Disneyland Paris on Saturday with our friends who were visiting from Germany. Up until now, we've always been able to go to Disneyland during the week, and during the school year. Now that Benjamin is in school, that just got a lot more complicated, so we had to brave the Saturday crowds. And crowds there were. We managed to ride a grand total of about six rides.

Benjamin got to drive his own car.
while Noah and I waited. (I'm still resisting cutting those curls!!)
We went on the Casey Junior kids' rollercoaster, and Benjamin was saying, "This is fun!"

And once we found a ride we didn't think Noah would try to jump out of (the fairytale boat ride), he got to go on it, too.

By the end of the day, Benjamin was walking hunched over, dragging his hands close to the ground, and saying "I'm too tired!" He made no complaints when it was time to go to bed when we got home! And Noah was unrecognizable - he took a one hour nap while we were there, and was a happier little kid than we have seen in 18 months (he is 18 months old today! Already?!). Maybe we should take him to Disneyland more often...!

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Top-of-the-Arch said...

Happy 18 Months Old to Noah! Yes, I love the curls and wish I had them. Thanks for sharing about Benjamin's first day of school. I was just that "cool" on my first day too because I wanted to show off to other kids what I was already taught at home - haa haa
Glad everyone had a great time at Disneyland. Does the admission cost more compared to in the US, FL or CA? Have a good week, TOTA