Sunday, September 20, 2009

What's happening around here:

We enjoyed a visit from Emily and Brent last weekend. We took them to a flea market in La Ferté-Milon, and to see the village of Longpont.

We went to Frederic's older sister and brother-in-law's last Saturday and had lunch with them, Frederic's brother and family, and cousins.

Benjamin still loves school - and can say "j'aime l'école !" in his very American accent. I still find it amazing that he goes swimming every week with school. He has also learned how to put his own coat on quickly and easily - I have never seen this method outside of France, although for all I know they do it in the US, too. I should get a video and show you.

Noah's vocabulary, albeit probably not understandable yet to many other people, is expanding daily. Some of his favorite words and phrases are: "Here you go!" [heah gooo], "thank you!" [tak oo], and "coquin" [co kaa].

Frederic installed one of the two lights that will go over the bar in the kitchen/dining room.

Yesterday we went to Frederic's brother and sister-in-law's to help them celebrate their 10th wedding anniversary.

It's getting colder and the garden is winding down; we're contemplating what to put and where for next year.

Frederic has been on vacation the past 2 1/2 weeks. He goes back on Wednesday and we are not looking forward to it (even though we're glad he has a job to go to) - it was nice having him home. (It would have been like a vacation for me, but with Emily out last week and this week, I'm working overtime!)

We're planning our Thanksgiving trip! On our itinerary so far: St Louis, Tulsa, Madill, Georgetown, and Memphis - if your town isn't listed and you think it should be, let us know! (This is all of course contingent on no one getting sick this year....)

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Ryan said...

Is that coat method the one where they put it on their arms upside-down, then flip it over their head? If so, then Alex theoretically learned it somewhere or other, though I don't think it ever caught on with him.