Friday, November 20, 2009

What are we in for when they are older?

This morning Benjamin was writing his name and Frédéric put a sad face on his paper because he wasn't really trying to do it right. That did not bother Benjamin at all, he just changed his sad face into a happy face. Doctoring his grades and he isn't even 4 years old yet! Next thing you know he'll be forging our signatures...

Then at lunchtime, Noah finished his plate of food, so he just pulled Frédéric's plate over in front of him and started in on it!

* * *

We are enjoying seeing friends and of course, shopping. Between Goodwill, another local thrift store, and my Amazon gift certificates, I have over 40 books to add to my collection already.

The French could definitely stand to learn some lessons from American marketing people - stores in France are not nearly so enticing. But that is probably a good thing for us; much less dangerous for our budget!

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