Thursday, December 17, 2009

Back in St Louis

Since we got back to St Louis, we have been visiting friends, shopping, and working (no true vacation for the self-employed!). We did celebrate Benjamin's 4th birthday (which is today) on Saturday - more on that soon!

This was Frederic's favorite part of our trip, I think:
A big thank you to Mick and Alison for donating their 2 bottles of Dublin Dr Pepper (made with pure cane sugar!) to feed Frédéric's addiction.

We helped decorate my parents' house for Christmas, too.

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Claire said...

We sure enjoyed having y'all at our house! It was fun to get to interact with your boys.....who aren't nearly as whiney as I had imagined....don't know where I got that idea... ;P Love to all of you.