Friday, December 18, 2009

Happy 4th Birthday, Benjamin!

Our baby boy turned 4! (already?!) We celebrated his birthday a few days early at my parents' house. Pastry artiste Frédéric made an amazing airplane cake for Benjamin -- who had changed his mind a couple of weeks ago and no longer wanted the train cake he had originally requested. No problem, our pastry chef extraordinaire knows how to roll with the punches! We located an airplane cake pan with some help from my mom, and the talented chef got to work.

For those not in the know, those are Air France colors on the tail, of course!

It was kind of a shame to cut into such a beautiful cake, but Benjamin vetoed the idea of just keeping it in the freezer to take out and look at again next year. At least we took a lot of pictures of it before it was no more.

Then it was time for presents, which were plentiful and greatly appreciated.

Benjamin has been telling everyone for weeks that he was going to be "this many" as he holds up four fingers, and now the moment has arrived!

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Ryan said...

It truly was an awesome cake. I want one for my birthday.