Saturday, December 5, 2009

Thanksgiving Travels, Part Three: Austin, Texas

Saturday morning, we weren't ready to see the Thanksgiving fun come to an end, so we stretched it out by going to Austin with Aunt Claire and Uncle Curtis. The rain cleared up enough on Monday for Uncle Curtis to take us and the boys to a great playground, er, Creative Playscape, in Georgetown.

Benjamin tried his hand at clay sculpting in Aunt Claire's pottery shed, but he doesn't like to be messy so he drew the line at adding any water to his clay. He stuck with making snakes and squishing them under clay rocks.

Other highlights of our stay in Austin included seeing my cousins Trevor and Kayla who weren't able to come to Thanksgiving, having lunch with our cousins Brett and BethAnn, spending time with our friends J.L. and Emily Gray and their 2 boys, enjoying a delicious dinner Curtis cooked for us, and meeting some of my "internet friends" for the first time face to face.

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