Sunday, December 20, 2009

Way Too Early O'Clock

That is what time I got up today. Frederic got up for work at 2:22 am. I know, because I looked at the clock, and couldn't get back to sleep after that. I tried for a while but gave up around 4 am and got up. Then of course I got tired around 7:20 am, and kept falling asleep. But I got the boys up at 8, and we're all doing our best to get back on French time. It's easiest for Frederic, I think, since his schedule is so crazy anyway and he went back to work today.

We arrived back at home Friday morning, about 22 hours after we left my parents' house in St Louis. We didn't see any snow in the US this year, despite staying in town so late, but it was waiting for us here when we arrived and a little bit more fell today.

We had a good flight back, with very little turbulence (not that that calmed my extra anxiety about flying I've had since June - google AF 447 if you don't know what that's about). After some "discussion" with the check-in agents over whether we could be upgraded since we were flying with children, who had special children's meals, we were finally upgraded to business class, which made the flight very much nicer for us!

We were seated near one lady in the plane who got quite a lot of attention from the flight crew, including the captain. She didn't look familiar, so Frédéric looked up her name when he got back to work today... and we still have no idea what the deal was. If she is famous, we must be out of the loop.

The boys started getting sick the morning we left, so we are hoping to get them in to the doctor tomorrow or Tuesday to find out whether we can take them to Germany for Christmas without infecting our friends' kids or not. BUT we are thrilled that they were not sick (other than minor colds) the whole time we were in the US, AND they weren't feeling too sick to go out and play in the snow today!

Our one and only sled lives in the condo in the Alps so we don't have to transport it back and forth every year. So Frédéric and the boys improvised today with a shovel and a swing.

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Claire said...

Pretty snow....when you don't have to get out and drive in it. I'm glad the boys got to get out and enjoy it.