Wednesday, January 20, 2010

First kid's first year in school... first teachers' strike

Yes, that's right, Benjamin has been in preschool since September, and he came home from school with this yesterday:

It says:
"Chers parent[sic],
En raison d'un mouvement de grève, il n'y aura pas classe le jeudi 21 janvier."

Dear Parents,
Due to a strike, there will be no class Thursday, January 21st.

Proof that my child does indeed attend a very French school. What would a school year be without at least one strike? It's got that same sort of feeling as a snow day, minus the snow.


Jordan said...

Um...isn't there just one teacher in that school? Or is he supporting all of the teachers in Paris by going on strike?

Sandi said...


Alisa said...

Yes, there is only one teacher (who is also the director of that school and the 2nd-5th grade school). But it's a nationwide strike.