Sunday, January 31, 2010

If summer ever comes

I will stop posting pictures of the sky. Until then, I'm reveling in days like today, and need some tangible proof that this does happen here every now and again.

The boys and I went outside not once, but TWICE today, before nap, and after nap.

It was around 32°F outside, so we only stayed out for about an hour, but it was so nice to get out and enjoy the sunshine!

See, Benjamin's such a northerner that he doesn't know what to do with sunshine.

Noah isn't the only one who needs a haircut now, but when I talk to Benjamin about cutting his hair, he says, "I want Peggy to cut my hair so it doesn't hurt!" (Ouch, what does that say about my hair-cutting abilities?! I promise I only use the scissors on his hair, not on his head!)

When I told him Peggy lived far away, near Grandma and Grandad, he said, "I want to go live by Grandma and Grandad! And you come with me, and Noah, and Daddy." If only it were that easy!

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Ryan said...

It was just above 32°F here today too. Nice enough for Alex and I to walk two and a half miles.