Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Keeping busy

is never a problem around here. It has been non-stop since we got home from the US. This little monster keeps us on our toes constantly:

but he did AMAZINGLY well at church on Sunday. He sat next to me on the pew and didn't even get wiggly til communion time, so that was at least 45 minutes if not an hour.

And yes, I am starting to think about cutting his hair... but you know, he's 22 months... so I'm thinking, why not hold out til 2, right? And I forgot to ask Peggy how to cut curly hair, and all the online videos I'm finding for cutting a boy's curly hair show you how to cut it SHORT, which is NOT what I'm looking for! So, the jury is still out, but I'll keep you posted.

We did a little re-arranging upstairs: turned Benjamin's bed back into the couch it's meant to be, but kept it in his room, and put the top bunk that was sitting on the landing into his room as his new tall bed.

Benjamin loves it, and this frees up a lot of space on the landing. One day, we'll think up something clever to do with that space. Suggestions are welcome. We thought Benjamin could bring some of his toys that are not Noah-friendly, like the Legos, or breakable things, upstairs and play with them there. So far that is a no-go because he doesn't like to play upstairs by himself, and if Noah's up there too, it sort of defeats the purpose.

Benjamin is thrilled to be back in school. They made a galette des rois for Epiphany last week (yes, in public school, they celebrate Epiphany. France is quite a split-personality kind of country - they insist on secularism, except when it's convenient to them not to).


Ryan said...

Put his hair in a ponytail, and then you don't have to cut it.

Jordan said...

Looks like Noah saw the picture of Caitlyn wearing my headphones.