Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Welcome Home!

December 17th, we left my parents' house, and my mom drove us to Chicago to fly out. Sadly, Benjamin's Doudou (lovey) was left behind, unnoticed until we stopped for lunch.

Benjamin has been sleeping fine without him, but he hadn't forgotten about him. He would bring him up every few days, saying things like, "Tell Grandma to come visit us. And bring Doudou!"

My mom promptly mailed Doudou to us December 18th, and we waited, and waited, and waited for him to arrive. Finally, TWENTY-FOUR days later, when we had almost lost all hope (a special thank you to USPS and La Poste, for your super-efficient, light-speed holiday mail delivery!), Doudou has come home!

We let Benjamin open the envelope when he got home from school.

He was very pleased to find Doudou!

It was a joyful reunion.

Life may now resume its normal course, all is right in the world since Doudou has come home.

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Sandi said...

Ha -- we've left behind our favorite animals before, but they never had to be sent over an ocean! :)