Sunday, February 14, 2010

Long, Picture-Filled Mountains Trip Post

Frederic followed the GPS instead of his brain on our way there, which meant we ended up taking the very scenic route and adding some time onto our trip. Oops.

We stayed in a mini-hotel room Friday night. It actually appears larger in this picture than it really was. I'm pretty sure it was about the size of my office - you know, my office, the one that we decided was too small to be the guest room - and the hotel room included a mini-bathroom and mini-desk as well. Maybe I should take over the guest room for my office and make my office into the guest room after all. If they can call this a hotel room and charge 49 € for it, people should be thrilled to stay in our room the same size for free, right?

This trip was Benjamin's first time on skis.

He tried out the kiddie slopes with Daddy...

before heading to ski class the next day.

They didn't allow parents to stay for ski class (which is the subject of a rant, but I'll save that for another time), so we hung out over by the snowman to peek on for a bit:

while Noah played in the snow.

From that vantage point, we had a great view of the resort.

Benjamin skiied with Frédéric a couple of afternoons.

and Noah kept on sledding

until he was so tired he just flopped down in the snow.

But this was really Benjamin's favorite part. There is a designated sledding area, to prevent the sledders from being crashed into by the skiers.

Frédéric managed to go skiing a couple of afternoons and one evening while the boys and I went sledding. Noah and I hung out in the apartment when we got too cold.

Three cold but happy boys!

I'm happy to report that we all returned home alive despite spending the week together in our very, very, very small condo. We're hoping this will get easier as they get older. Please don't disillusion me if you know that not to be true!

And last but not least, proof that I was there!

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