Monday, March 8, 2010

Happy 2nd Birthday, Noah!

It's been two years since we unsuspectingly welcomed this cute little tornado into our family. I guess we should have realized he was already showing his busy, active little personality when he decided to show up 5 days before his scheduled arrival by c-section. He's always been in a hurry, and now at 2 is fully into the independent, do-it-myself stage.

Yesterday we celebrated our having survived the past two years Noah's birthday with some friends from church. We all enjoyed one of Frédéric's fabulous meals, all the kids played well together, and the boys behaved amazingly well after only a nap on the drive home from church. It was a great day.

Everyone oohed and ahhed over Frédéric's amazing cake. I oohed and ahhed over his amazing cake, and the fact that he managed to find time to finish it, with crazy hours Friday and Saturday, leaving him little time to work on it.

Leftover laminate flooring that doesn't match anything in our house makes a great train cake board. I knew we'd been saving that for some reason.

Noah was very pleased with most of his gifts... but was not sure at all about Toby the talking robot.

He stared at him distrustfully for a few minutes before slipping out the back of the folding chair and running away to the living room, leaving the rest of his unopened gifts behind.

Some of the other gifts met with more immediate approval, once we convinced him to come back.

He did start to warm up to Toby later, once he saw the other kids playing with the robot and not sustaining any bodily harm.

Cashew update: Noah saw the allergist Saturday. She did a skin sensitivity test on his arm and he showed no allergies to cashews, pistachios, peanuts, cats, or dust. So either it's an intolerance or it was a random one-off, but we won't be testing either theory any time soon.

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Anonymous said...

Wayne & I enjoyed the pictures of Noah, Frederic, & The CAKE! What a great job Frederic! Thanks for sharing the celebration! Has it really been 2 years--time passes so quickly