Saturday, March 13, 2010

I'm Finally Becoming French.

I've had my citizenship for over 5 years now. And yet in some ways, I'll never be totally French...

* I'm not a big fan of cheese.
* I prefer Coke to wine. Dr Pepper? Even better.
* I still make "le" and "la" mistakes on a regular basis.
* I don't think root beer tastes like medicine.
* I'll never see the appeal of the movie Les Bronzés or the actor Louis de Funès, and I don't appreciate what passes for "French humor."

BUT... I think I've made great strides towards embracing my citizenship now that I am the proud owner of this:

That's right, a yogurt-maker.

My French friend tells me that makes me a French woman in the '60s, but I'll take what I can get.

So far we've made chocolate, strawberry, and vanilla yogurt. I don't actually like yogurt, so I leave the eating of it to the males of the house, but it's very easy to make, will save us a little bit of money, and we won't be stuck with the weird flavors like coconut or banana they stick in commercial packs of yogurt.


sandrine said...


juste pour savoir le rapport entre louis de funes les bronzé et la yaourtiere ??????

Ryan said...

I didn't know such things existed. We should get one; my wife and kid eat a *ton* of yogurt.

Louis de Funes is funny. Though not exactly highbrow funny, most of the time. Netflix finally carries "The Mad Adventures of Rabbi Jacob" now, so we watched it a while back.