Monday, March 22, 2010

in which we discuss Robots, Brooms, Dinosaurs, and Yard Work

Here is photo proof that Noah is no longer afraid of Toby the Robot, and has in fact made friends with him. You can also see that I didn't cut *all* his hair off.

Benjamin loves to sweep the floor for us. We need to get him a set of gardening tools this summer so he can help us outside.

And he makes great play-doh dinosaurs. I'm not sure if someone at school showed him how, or he came up with it himself. I'm guessing school, but since all he says he does at school is "play and color," it's hard to know for sure.
Spring is on its way, and with spring comes yardwork! Frederic got the urge the other day to start attacking the hedges behind the house and pull down the vine that had climbed up in the tree at the back corner of the yard. He even chopped down the hideous giant hedge/bush/tree/thing, which should open up the yard a lot, and allow him sunshine to put his vegetable garden up the hill this year, leaving the side yard free enough for the boys to play in.

Here's a "before" picture.

And "after," or perhaps "during."
There is still a pile of branches to be mulched, and the rest of the shrub to be removed. We'd also like to take out some of the sheds. I'd like to move the one wooden one up the hill and clear out all that space in the back, but I don't know if that's doable or not. It is definitely an ongoing project to get our yard the way we want it.

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Claire said...

Gardening, like happiness, is a journey, not a destination. Looking good there.