Monday, May 3, 2010

One Can Never Be Too Safe.

The ever-growing Spider-Scaring Brigade now forms an impenetrable wall across the landing. No spiders will ever make it past them to Benjamin's room!

In other news: Rain. Cold. No great finds at the village flea market Saturday. Time to plant tomatoes.

And this conversation with Benjamin in the car yesterday. Its humor may be lost on those who don't understand French and English both, but I'm putting it down for posterity anyway. The following type of conversation is a hazard of living in a bilingual household.

B: Maé et Antoine font des buddies. [Maé and Antoine do 'buddies.']
Me: Hein ? [Huh?]
B: Maé et Antoine font des buddies ! [Maé and Antoine do 'buddies!']
Me: Hein ? Ca veut dire quoi, des buddies ? Ils sont amis ? [Huh? What does 'buddies' mean? They're friends?]
B: Mais non, ils font des BUDDIES !! [No, no, they do 'BUDDIES!']
Me: (the light goes on) Des BETISES !!!! Ils font des bêtises ?? [Mischief!! They are bad at school?]

(past this point the conversation is punctuated with Frederic's and my laughter and Benjamin saying, in French, "It's not funny!")

B: Oui, des buddies ! [Yes, 'buddies!']
Fred: Et il dit quoi le maître ? [And what does your teacher say?]
B: Maé et Antoine, ne faites pas de buddies ! [Maé and Antoine, don't do 'buddies!']

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Jordan said...

Aren't buddies supposed to cause mischief?

Is Benjamin still learning the subleties of French non-pronunciation?