Monday, May 24, 2010

Summertime is here again!

I have been living in these cold northern climes far too long; 76°F feels HOT to me now. Benjamin asked for dinner outside last night.

The boys and I have been taking advantage of this warm weather and the clear, blue skies to take walks around the village to visit the ducks and the horses. We got to the pasture today and thought the horses weren't out, so the boys were just going to pick some flowers.

But as we turned to head home, we saw the horses in the pasture a little bit further on, so we went over to see them there.

Noah was dragging before we even got to the horses, so getting him to walk home was quite a challenge - he refuses the stroller, he wants to walk - but he made it, and that made for a wonderful, wonderful long nap for him after lunch.

Our village church has been closed until further notice due to lack of funds for upkeep and maintenance; it has been deemed dangerous. I've never been inside it as it's always locked when not in use (they held mass there every 3 months), and I guess I won't get the chance now for quite some time.


Claire said...

So nice to be outside on a pretty day!

David said...

Your outside table looks so pretty!

David said...

That's Sandi, not DAvid.