Sunday, June 20, 2010

He IS learning something at school!

Despite all his "nothings" to the contrary when we ask him what he did at school any given day, it seems that Benjamin *is* actually learning something! Wednesday before lunch, with absolutely no prodding from me whatsoever, he sat down at the table, and took a piece of paper and a pen. He used an envelope as a straight edge and drew a set of (mostly) parallel lines, and started printing letters between them.

I am not really sure why he starts all his lines of letters with "AMB," but I am totally impressed and pretty happy to find out he hasn't just been sitting in a corner doing nothing all year at school. I guess we will have to let him go back next year.

He has two more weeks of school left this year. He has a field trip to a ropes course on Monday, a field day with other schools on Tuesday, and a school barbecue the following Saturday for the students from both schools (preschool through 5th grade) and their families. Sounds like the end of the year is coming soon!

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Claire said...

Very cool! I'm wondering where he got the idea to use a straight edge and make his own lines!!! Sounds like a problem solver in the making.