Tuesday, June 8, 2010

How to get English out of a French-only DVD

Because we live in France, we have 2 DVD players. One plays zone 2 (Europe) DVDs, since we have some of those, and if we rent any, that is what they would be. But we prefer to buy DVDs in the US since they are so much cheaper, so the second machine plays zone 1 (USA) DVDs.

Yesterday, Benjamin wanted to watch Transformers, a zone 2 DVD that has no language options; it is only in French. He started to put it in the US player. Our conversation went like this:

Me: No, here, it goes in this one.
B: No, I want it in English.
Me: No, Transformers is only in French.
B (thinking): Then I will put it in upside down.


Delphine said...

Trop mignon et finalement super logique !

Claire said...

Great four year old reasoning.