Monday, June 28, 2010

So, speaking of school

1. It is almost over (hallelujah!!).
Only 3 more days left after today.

2. We had Benjamin's school picnic on Saturday.
Think: root canal, only worse. All the other parents knew each other. We knew no one. We ended up sitting by a bunch of elementary school kids at the table, so when they got up to go play, we were all on our own, miles away from everyone else. After three hours (seriously) Frédéric managed to force other people to talk to him a little bit. Trying to start conversations with all the we-don't-need-you-we-already-know-everyone-else parents was like throwing lead balloons. We might as well start with politics and religion next time, it couldn't be any worse.

3. Benjamin's teacher told us:
that we've taught him a little too well that he is supposed to speak French at school. When the teacher or assistant asks Benjamin "how do you say _____ in English," Benjamin just ignores them. When the teacher told all the kids to say "Cheese!" (in English) for the school picture, Benjamin said, "Fromage!!"


Claire said...

I just said "fromage"....I think it would make a funny mouth shape for a picture.

Jordan said...

Hm...that's kinda how I feel when I meet other kids' parents at daycare. There's no "Hi, have we met?" or anything like that. I've finally realized I don't really want to meet them either.

Alisa said...

Yeah... we figure that may be why Benjamin is making a funny face on his class picture.

Ryan said...

We had that problem with Alex for a while. We'd tell him to say cheese, and he'd say "Cheese-ah!" So we have a lot of gaping-mouth pictures of him from that time period.