Friday, June 18, 2010

Some people collect postage stamps.

Us, we collect inexpensive cars.

Our friends called Saturday night to see if we wanted to buy their Renault Mégane Scénic for parts for our Renault Mégane station wagon. They are basically the same car, theirs is the "minivan" - but only 5 seats - version). We were going to say no, because really, why do we need a third car when we only have two drivers (and let's not be nitpicky about the legality of all the licenses)?

But when Frédéric found out how very little they wanted for it... we gave them 400 euros, that is just over half what we paid for my Peugeot!... he couldn't resist. It does need some work, but it runs fine (he drove it home Sunday) and Frédéric thinks he can fix it up, and we'll have a replacement waiting in the wings for when one of our two main cars dies - hopefully saving us from buying another lemon (cough, cough, Neon).

It is much roomier inside than either of the other two, AND has much more trunk space than we imagined this type of car to have, so it would be nice to use when we have an extra person with us, or to let friends/family use when they come to visit and we won't all fit in one car.

It's a Parisian car, so it has suffered, most notably from a parking garage that must have been a couple of inches too narrow - but nothing that can't be fixed or that we can't live with. For 400 euros, who can complain?

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