Saturday, July 10, 2010

As close as we can get to a padded room

Really, I'm not sure if it should be for him, or for me. But Noah was driving us up the wall with his incessant crib-kicking, so we removed the crib from his room. Of course, to do that, we also had to bolt his wardrobe to the wall so he doesn't pull it over on himself, remove his dresser so he doesn't smash his fingers in the drawers, remove his chair so he doesn't climb up and fall off of it, change the outlets for protected ones so he doesn't electrocute himself, turn off the radiator at the electric box so he doesn't accidentally turn it on and die of heatstroke, and remove his fan so he doesn't chop his fingers off in it. Thank goodness he can't reach his skylight yet. So here is his new, pared-down room.

Never before has his personality been quite so well-captured on film. See that devilish gleam in his eyes, that fiesty grin, and that ready-to-attack stance? THAT is Noah.

It only took him about three hours to crash - not so bad when you consider that it took him about two when he occupied himself by kicking his crib all night. Notice he pushed his mattress right up against the radiator. That would be why we cut off the electricity to it.

Before falling asleep, he unscrewed all three knobs from the drawers of his wardrobe. Sigh. I'm leaving them off; I don't use those drawers anyway.

I didn't hear him at naptime today, and he's been fairly quiet this evening (night 2) also. Perhaps one day my sanity will start to slowly return.

In the meantime, I conned my mom into convinced my mom to come give me a break for a couple of weeks. She arrives Monday morning, and I can't wait!


Anonymous said...

Holy crap.... that is intense. (I'm suddenly feeling rather cozy in the relative peace of twin infants and a toddler/preschooler, each of whom are pretty well contained.) Thank goodness outside help is on the way -- run away for a day (or four!).

We're heading to Maine tomorrow -- will report back later. Hang in there!!


Jordan said...

See, you're too concerned. We let Caitlyn pull dressers over on herself to learn not to do it. Well, maybe not quite that bad, but close.

Top-of-the-Arch said...

All I see is the face of an angel, sweet smile and that beautiful curly hair - haa haa.
My Mom still talks about how "sweet" I was as a child but I escaped her curse by not having children as I never had to pay back for what I did to my parents!
It is getting warm here (you already knew) - can't wait for August - NOT!
Have a good week and enjoy your Mom's visit. Best regards,

evidlaine said...

petit coucou avant d'aller à la marée avec mes collègues..vous avez fait une nouvelle chambre..ou c'est pour Noah..belle l'armoire toute blanche...bonne journée..bisous bisous..anita

Delphine said...

Ca fait cellule d'isolement ! C'est vrai quand on le voit on se dit "il est mignon" mais on imagine pas le boulot que c'est...en déco ;) courage.