Friday, July 30, 2010


We got back tonight from visiting our friends in Germany. Thank you, Hummels, we had a great time!

We all went to Legoland Deutschland on Tuesday. We drove through rain to get there so we were expecting to be water-logged by the end of the day, but it ended up not raining too much. It was chilly out, but that was much better than too hot! It was not crowded at all, which was a great surprise. We got to ride everything we wanted to, and despite having four kids with us, we made it through the day with only a couple minor meltdowns. [I was going to rewrite that last sentence to make it more grammatically correct and accurate (the kids had the meltdowns, not us), but I kind of like it the way it is.]

Noah thought Lego Bob the Builder was very cool.

Frédéric took Benjamin on this ride while the bigger kids went on a roller coaster.

He liked it so much I took him on it again.

This guy welcomed us to Legoland Atlantis, an aquarium.

In Miniland, there are hundreds of Lego sculptures representing real places. This is a building in Berlin.

We rode the Lego train.

We visted the Lego factory, and each got our very own freshly made Lego brick.

Benjamin walked around most of the day scowling even though he said he was having a good time. I tried to get him to show me his "happy face" and this is what he came up with.

There was a very cool "race track" (if you can call it that when the cars go about 2 mph) where the kids got to drive their own Lego cars around. Benjamin and Tristan did this twice while some of the rest of us went on a different roller coaster. They got a driver's license at the end of it.

Noah was tall enough to ride on the safari! (accompanied by an adult, of course)

Noah and Frédéric driving through the Lego safari.

And I was tall enough for the roller coaster. Yay me!

Noah waiting around for the others to get off a ride.

Noah and Frédéric on the boat ride... I was riding with Benjamin, and didn't realize we had to actually drive the boats, they weren't on an automatic track or anything! The ride attendant tried to tell me so when she saw us not moving, but as I don't speak German, it took me a bit to figure it out... we did finally get moving, but Noah and Frédéric caught up to us quickly!

Noah and Benjamin, eaten by a shark.

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Top-of-the-Arch said...

Looks like everyone had lot of fun. Nice photos of Noah and Bob the Builder. Thanks for sharing photos of Legoland. Definitely a fun place, and educational too, for kids (little kids and big kids) - haa haa
It is still hot and humid here in St. Louis, but you already knew, and we still have a whole month of AUGUST - yuk!