Friday, July 2, 2010

My Pizzaiolos

Sometimes we employ giants to make our pizzas.

Other times we use child labor.
We started their training a couple of years ago.

See how he places the mozzerella with surgical precision!

Witness the intense concentration.

Pizza-making is serious business!

Benjamin's last day of school was yesterday. The teacher asked that Benjamin come in the afternoon since it was the last day and they'd be playing games. That meant Frédéric took him to school at 9, I picked him up at 12, took him back at 2, put Noah down for his nap late, (snuck a quick dip in the kids' pool before getting back to work,) and picked him up at 5. Four trips per day to school are not that much fun, so we're thinking about what to do next year - let him buy school lunch at the exorbitant price of 4.20 € per day ($5.25), or do the 4 back-and-forths, or mix and match.

The teacher told me yesterday that they finally got their first English word out of Benjamin, on the last day of school. Benjamin told me the teacher asked him how to say "gobelet" in English, and Benjamin told him it was "cup." "Gobelet is cup. It's the same thing!" he exclaimed as he told me the story, as though this should be obvious to everyone.

And one of his little classmates, Florence, asked her mommy to ask Benjamin's mommy to come over and teach them some English words. Florence's mommy was trying to tell Florence that I spoke American, not English (a common distinction over here)... I told her there were differences, but probably fewer than those between Parisian French and Canadian French.

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