Tuesday, July 6, 2010

Summer fun for the whole family

She says: "Having a wood-burning fireplace to heat your house in the winter is great for family fun and togetherness."

She means: "Oooooh boy, I can't WAIT til our boys are older and can help stack the firewood!"

Our firewood was delivered today (and thank goodness it is only 64° out right now and not 90° like last week!) and I made trips back and forth with the wheelbarrow while Frédéric stacked the wood. The picture above shows what still has to be stacked after lunch. (By whom? The wood elves are tired!)

This is what has already been stacked. In theory, we ordered enough firewood for a winter and a half. In reality, it may be just enough if this winter is as cold and as long-lasting as last year's.

During this time, the boys "made a garden" (read: dug up the weeds that had taken over the tulip bed). For Benjamin, this really meant digging up weeds - for Noah, it meant removing the dirt and tossing it on the walk.

I managed to salvage some of our tulip bulbs from their energetic digging so we can plant them elsewhere next year. I'm pretty sure there are many more lurking down there, so we'll need to do some more digging to find the others.


Claire said...

It's so nice that you have such good helpers!

Delphine said...

Les deux vont finir jardiniers ou paysagistes je le sens d'ici, tous leurs exploits, ou presque, s'y rapporte ;)