Tuesday, August 17, 2010

At Tata and Tonton's house

"Tata" and "Tonton" are "Aunt" and "Uncle." In this case we are speaking of Frédéric's aunt and uncle, who we try to go see every summer. They live not quite two hours away, but they are south of Paris and we are north of Paris, so traffic and schedules make visiting more often difficult.

We went to visit them on Monday since Frédéric was off work. As an extra bonus, Frédéric's cousin Nathalie was there for lunch also, with her daughter, Nina, who seemed very pleased to see her cousins.

We drove there and back through the rain, but the sky cleared up enough while we were there to allow the boys to ride Nina's bicycle after lunch. Benjamin did fine on his own (with the training wheels).

Noah needed a little help to figure out how to pedal.

He looks like a pro here - what you can't tell in the still picture is that his feet are just stuck in that position so he isn't actually moving.

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