Monday, August 2, 2010

Bebenhausen, Germany

On Thursday we visited the small town of Bebenhausen, about 30 minutes from where our friends live. It was drizzly out but we decided to brave the elements so we wouldn't have to be cooped up inside with the kids. My camera did not really appreciate the rain and the lens fogged up, but I got a few pictures.

The village was overflowing with flowers. I guess that is a benefit to having so much rain.

Look at that! Almost a blue sky in this one! (Didn't last long.) This is a 12th century Cistercian monastery.

Benjamin with our friends' kids, Isabel and Tristan. Benjamin was trying to make a different funny face in every picture, I think.

Look! The rare and elusive object known as a family picture! We got one! And who knows, perhaps the family portraits will look slightly less goofy as the years go by. I was holding Benjamin's arms trying to get him to stand up and not cover his face. At least we know this picture is an accurate representation of our goofy selves.

Here I am with Emiley, my wonderful American food-, drinks-, and books-supplying friend:

who also played '80s Trivial Pursuit with me after the kids were in bed and while the husbands watched The Green Zone. We modified the rules so we could get as many pies of any color as we wanted. Had we not done that, we might still be playing now.

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