Sunday, August 15, 2010

Short but Real French Lunch

Our friends the Hummels came for a whirlwind visit this weekend; they arrived yesterday morning in time for breakfast and left today after lunch. We had other friends from church coming over for lunch yesterday, so we promised the Hummels a Real French Lunch.

This is what that looks like before it starts:

They were treated to the entire 7-course meal:
* Before lunch drinks & snacks (chips, nuts, zucchini garlic cheese bread, olives)
* Appetizer (zucchini/tomato/mozzarella pie)
* Main dish (stuffed cannelloni)
* Green salad
* Cheese (goat, camembert, cream cheese & Emmental)
* Dessert (zucchini chocolate cake)
* Coffee (we cheated and had this at the same time as the dessert)

Between the cheese and the dessert courses we took a walk down to the center of the village and back. All in all, the lunch itself only lasted about 5 hours, although preparations started 4.5 hours before the other guests arrived and clean-up lasted a couple of hours after they left.

Aw, look at that cute kid.

And since we had the patio table inside so we had enough room for all our company at the table, we realized we should really stop complaining about our ugly table, and put the patio table inside until we get a dining room table. So the patio table is now the dining room table and vice versa. Doesn't leave much room for company, but I guess we'll figure out a solution to that the next time we have guests. In the meantime, at least it looks a lot nicer than the "family heirloom" green Formica table!

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Delphine said...

Très bonne idée ! S'il vous faut plus de place vous ferez à nouveau la "méga table" avec celle de la véranda ;)Ca laisse plus de place dans la salle sûrement aussi ?