Wednesday, August 4, 2010

Sleeping Children

Sometimes they are just silly... Benjamin was lazing around in bed this morning and didn't want to get up (sometimes I think the kid is a teenager in a 4-year-old's body!) and Noah went to tell him to get out of bed (but ended up in the bed with him).

But sometimes they do sleep. And oh, how I live for those moments. (And thank you, thank you, thank you, Dr Weissbluth, for helping us instill good sleeping habits and early bedtimes!) Benjamin is wonderfully accomodating and doesn't mind too much that we enforce "rest time" for him almost every afternoon. I let him play or read quietly in his room if he wants to, but some days before I can even tell the boys it is naptime, Benjamin tells me he wants to go to bed after lunch because he is tired.

I'm not sure how he is going to manage full-day -- 9 am to 5 pm! -- Kindergarten next month. (Actually I have a sneaking suspicion about just how he is going to handle it, and I think the "I came home from school with a happy face" chart may have to make a reappearance come September.)

Noah is back to fighting nap- and/or bed-time, but eventually he crashes. Sunday night he did not quite make it to his bed...

And did I mention that in his pared-down room, he managed to PULL THE RADIATOR OFF THE WALL?! WHAT are we going to do with this child?! At least we had the foresight to shut off all the radiators upstairs at the fuse box, so he didn't electrocute himself in the process. I have no idea what we will do this winter. Duct tape him to his bed? Put him in a kennel that is bolted to the floor?!

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