Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Happy Birthday to me

Such as it was. Pretty normal Wednesday around here. But I did get to take a nap (always a red-letter day when that happens) and my favorite baker and his helpers made me a beautiful (and delicious) cake, complete with ghost and cow sprinkles.

And for my "birthday present" (i.e. purchase we were making anyway that happens to fall relatively close to my birthday hence it becomes my "birthday present"), I will soon be the proud owner of a color laser printer and a camera to replace our trusty 7-year-old one that is starting to show its age and just can't focus quick enough to keep up with the kids.

Oh look, here is one of those bakery assistants now.


Kerrie said...

Oh, happy birthday, Alisa! As a fellow WAHM, I understand how prized an afternoon nap is -- and I hope you're enjoying ALL of your special day! That is quite a cake, too -- good job, boys! :)

Top-of-the-Arch said...

Happy Birthday and may you enjoy many more years filled with blessings, love and good health. Glad you like your present and a nice nap.
PS: Nice mug shots. They looked like two international intelligent officers who specialize in catching people selling stolen "bread" on the street of Paris - haa haa