Thursday, September 2, 2010

The Last Days of Summer

Frédéric's mom came to visit us this week. The boys enjoyed her visit, and especially appreciated the Playmobil vet clinic she brought with her for them.
Noah helped his Grandmère shell beans while I wrestled with a zillion tiny Playmobil pieces.

Benjamin and Noah were both very pleased with the end result. One poor dog broke all four of its legs. Good thing the vet was on duty to bandage them all up.

Frédéric is quite happy with the start of his raspberry harvest this year.

On Wednesday, Frédéric, his mom and the boys went out to visit the castle ruins at Fère en Tardenois.

I relished the time home alone, and filled it with a nap, work, and weeding of the retaining wall (look, Mom, the flowers aren't dead yet!). The snails were doing their best to eat them all, so I cold-heartedly scattered brilliant blue slug pellets far and wide.

After having a "picnic" at the castle, Benjamin begged for a picnic at home, so Frédéric gave the boys their dinner outside on a blanket.

I guess a picnic is not a bad way to end the summer.

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