Friday, September 17, 2010

Noah's middle name

(could have been Trouble, but we didn't realize it before we named him. So it isn't.)

Our conversation used to go like this:

Me: Who are you?
N: Noah!
Me: Noah James.
N: Noah.... [looks down at shirt] no James!

I have no idea why he thought "James" would be on his shirt. But of course it never was, so he was always just Noah.

But he is catching on. Kind of. Today it went like this.

Me: Who are you?
N: Noah James!
Me: And how old are you?
N: Noah James!
Me: No, how OLD are you?
N: I'm Noah!
Me: You're Noah James, and you're two years old.
N: I'm Noah! I'm the boss!

Oh. Well, that explains a lot.

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Claire said...

They do learn important concepts very early!