Monday, September 20, 2010

Now he's speaking my language

Today while we were having lunch, the oven timer beeped when the bread was done.

Noah said, "What's that?" (in English, looking at me)
"Ask Daddy," I told him.
He turned to Frédéric and said, "C'est quoi ça ?"
Frédéric said, "C'est du pain."
Noah turned back to me, and said, "It's bread."
[Frédéric's aside: "Because Mommy doesn't speak French?"]
"Oh really?" I replied. "Tell Daddy it's bread."
Noah turned back to Frédéric, and said, "C'est du pain !"

It's like a circus act. I think we could take him on the road. Thank goodness we have our own little 2-year-old translator, I don't know how Frédéric and I ever managed without him.

We are trying to get him to speak more English at home, with both of us, since we don't have much in the way of an English-speaking community here, but he insists on speaking French with Frédéric, and often with Benjamin, too.

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Claire said...

That's so funny! Maybe you can convince him to teach you some French, too.