Sunday, October 10, 2010


Or for the more articulate among us, gymnastics. Like every Saturday morning since early September, that is what we spent yesterday morning doing. Noah pulled his scaredy-cat routine again, but did try a couple of new things, and Benjamin worked on doing his moves properly instead of just trying to be the fastest.

Noah during warm-ups.
Brave Benjamin walking on the balance beam by himself.

Benjamin snake-crawling.

Winding down on the parachute at the end of class.

After gymnastics, we had lunch with Frédéric's cousin Christian and his family, with a couple of Frédéric's coworkers and their families. The weather has been beautiful and warm (low 70s) the past couple of days, so we got to enjoy the afternoon outside.

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Anonymous said...

Frédéric is wearing the right shirt!!